This small river is full of charm and very unexplored and can be reached only by small boats. This is your advantage with the small Metta Cruise. The river rises on the Irrawaddy-Salween watershed and eventually into the Ayeyarwady at Amarapura. The old capital of the Ava Kingdom was built between its two branches. The famous Shwe Sar Yan Pagoda on its north bank, built in 1053 by the Shan princess Sao Mon Hla. Anawrahta constructed an irrigation system consisting of weirs and canals on the Panlaung and the Zawgyi rivers but found the Myitnge too wild to tame. Three centuries later Thado Minbya (1364 – 67) built Ava as his capital at the confluence of Myitnge and Ayeyarwady rivers within easy reach of the rice granary at Kyaukse.