Metta Cruise is exclusively designed for small groups, close friends and individuals. Upper deck is open, airy equipped with comfortable chairs, dining area, lounge tables and a bar. While enjoying the movie setting like villages passing by, you can have a cup of tea or a sip of cocktail. While savoring excellent food and drinks, dislodge yourself back in time, flowing with the tranquil rhythm of mighty Ayerwaddy River and Chindwin River, and simply enjoy, sit back, absorbed by spectacular scenery.

Your Room

The rooms are uniquely designed with traditional local touch and offer all the amenities you need. It is ornate with teak floor, doors and simple style. In Metta cruise 1, The rooms are (16 sqm) whereas Metta 2 (26.7 sqm). To fully appreciate the nature and culture of the area and to unwind, we chose not to provide TV, Wifi or the phone. Let’s stay away from civilization for some days on the river.

There will be complimentary –

  • Fruit Tray
  • Slippers
  • Soap, Shampoo
  • Hot shower facility
  • Mineral water


The food we serve is local as well as international. It will come fresh from the local markets. Food will be served on the upper deck where you share a large table with your friends. When there is good weather and a good sand bank, let’s do a sand bank BBQ night.

At Metta Cruise, we proudly offer different menu every day with a great choice of local and Asian cuisine. We support the local community and local style food and the offer on board reflects the region. Suppose if we are in the vegetarian region, we will enjoy vegetarian dishes on board.

Lecture And Culture

Our guide will offer history and culture lectures from time to time while you are having a pleasure of scenery.


We are serious in showing you the secrets of Myanmar. We have got a great plan for you! It is for you to bring home ever lasting impressions of wonders of Myanmar. We shall make a couple of stops every day.

Imaging! Walking into a place foreign faces are very rarely seen, nothing in your sights seems to fit in the 21st century, way older, yet charming in its own, culturally well kept, friendly, delightful sceneries, total different lifestyle. Go beyond the repeated tracks and experience the un-experienced free with the flow of Myanmar people’s senses of timelessness. Walk into the charming villages. Cruise along majestic Ayerwaddy River feel another world atmosphere with unique and completely different life style. Wonder around the thousand years old ruins, observe life of typical Myanmar people in Mandalay and the royal capitals, and visit monestaries and Pagodas which is essential part of Myanmar culture.

We will use less cars, but more of local travel styles. Sometime you will find yourself on a bull cart, horse cart, and trishaws. That’s what we will do.

Kids Are Welcome On The Cruises

If you have a family and kids want to join the trip, no problem. Kids will be able to interact with locals. They will be part of the joy on the journey. On the other hand, kids will be educated, experienced and have the comprehension for other part of the world and their lifestyle.