This is a rare Trip cruising on two rivers. Sailing on a dramatic Chindwin river along the scenic landscape, experience simple life style, wonder around the monuments rich in nature.  We will bring you to typical villages and towns where time stands still and see means of agriculture and manufacturing mostly done by hand. We start sailing from Monywa through the heart of central dry plain, small villages, historical famous cities. Most places we visit are far away from the modern civilization. Since its predominant religion is Buddhism and we will find old monasteries and temples, we will take time to enjoy historically valuable sites and the simple art of Myanmar.

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Day 1 Monywa - Kin

The jungles are filled with rare and beautifully grained hardwoods such as teak, Pyingado and Padauk, as well as Thanakha, the tree with the fragrant bark grinded to a paste and used as a cosmetic and sunscreen. The most fragrant Thanakha comes from this area, and in old times such trees are kept aside only for the use of queens and princesses.

Call in Kani, a small town on the west bank on the late morning. The town of Kani has been known all through Myanmar history as birthplace of learned nobles and wealthy merchants.

Day 2 Kin - Mingin

The tiny Kin Village is a place of devout Buddhists who are proud of their wonderful monasteries, built both in traditional carved teak and in brick colonial styles. Water levels differ hugely between summer and monsoon seasons and the steps offer a grandstand view of the river.

Another fascinating aspect of the Chindwin region are the small towns and villages that give an insight into the way of life of these proud by friendly people.

Day 3 Mingin - Kalewa

One enchanting town is called Mingin, with various temples and wooden houses that have stood for over a hundred years. The Min Kyaung or King’s Monastery is their pride of place especially as it houses old and beautiful Buddha images. Just a short ride away from Mingin is Kyidaw, where the Shwe Zawar Yaw Monastery is the prestige of the villagers. Yaw is the name of a large part of this region where fine hand-woven cotton or silk with distinctive designs are woven, and coloured in black or deep red with organic dyes.

Enjoy a local ‘tea-shop’ experience in Maukkadaw , there are also chances to pay a visit to the local school.

Day 4 Kalewa - Mawlaik

Main focus of the day would be Kalewa , a small town which is still the trading post between Myanmar and India. Kalewa is right at the foot of the Western Mountain Ranges that loom over the town, the pagoda on the hill and the placid waters of the river. Visit trading areas of the town, sit down in the central tea shop, where you will see a lot of traders doing business.

Day 5 Mawlaik - Thaunghtut Village - Tonheik

Visit Mawlaik on the West bank of river, a small delightful town , Set on a hill, it is a pretty spot with old colonial style buildings and pretty houses. Visit Thaung Htut village. Hike up a peak of the hill and enjoy the best panoramic view seen from the hill at the west bank of the river. Excursion will be made in the village and visit “Police Pagoda” just adjacent to the police station and “Four Storey Monastery” with beautiful ceilings which are lacking the maintenance.

The cool weather must have been reminiscent of English springtime, and although undiscovered by the general public, it is a wonderful spot to get away from everything stressful. Walk along the harbor, visit central market with a horse cart and the clock tower.

Day 6 Tonheik Village - Homalin

In the early morning, set sail through the wonderful sceneries of Chindwin River. Visit one more village on the way. And arrive to Homalin before the afternoon.

Transfer to your hotel or the airport as your booking is.

What Is Include And Exclude

Cruise Price Includes :Coach transfer to Jetty, trishaw, local transports in the villages, tours, entrance fees, guide services (English language), main meals, afternoon tea and nourishments, locally made soft drinks, jugged coffee and selection of teas and tisanes, mineral water.

cruise price exincludes :International flights, port dues (if levied), laundry, alcohol, all visa costs, imported beverages such as wines, spirits and liqueurs, fancy soft drinks, espressos and cappuccinos at bar and tips to tour guides, tips for boat crew, local guides, bus drivers, boat operators and cyclo drivers.

Transfer And Joining

Day 1 Bhamo Town

Meeting point at Friendship hotel Bhamo or pick up request at your desired hotel in Bhamo at 07.30am, then transfer to Jetty.

Day 4 Mandalay City

Drop off at your Hotel around 17:00 hours in Mandalay. (You can adjust the time if you have to fly earlier).

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